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We did see that multiple filter option last year in one of the test versions, is a great addition.
Thanks for implementing it in the new release.  smile


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Thanks again for all your work and improvements, the sure will help me manage the finances better than before.  smile  smile
Specially the import function is welcomed. smile


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Just for information purposes and maybe useful for others.
I found out the problem, no program error, but a wrong coding type in the language file.
ANSI and little indian or UTF with BOM coding types cause wrong display of the special characters, like é, ë, ö

I changed the language-file to UTF8 and all is all-right again, correct display of the translated texts.
An updated Dutch file has been sent to you through the mail.


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So far I did not find "big" problems, only great improvements.  smile
this third version does show the ë incorrect, it is shown as ë
this problem does not exist in the previous releases, neither in the previous beta.

I have used the ë in several places and this is now showing these ë instead.


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First of all, I used a CSV file with ; as field delimiters.

Editing templates creates a new template, with the first import I got an error message for template 1, understandable since I had not set up a proper template yet. So I decided to change the template 1. After saving the changes I still got an error. Quickly I saw that at the bottom of the templates list there was a new template 1. After selecting this I saw the familiar settings.

Changing the template again resulted in a third (another new) template with the same name = template 1.

The import shows negative values, but doesn't import them. The first line test shows such a line with negative value and shows a green okay sign at the end. When I change the columns from + and -/- to positive and type D or C the same thing happens, only the positive amounts (received payments) are imported, not the negative (payed) amounts.

A nice to have; if it is possible can RQM remember the column widths that you set in the import definition. They now are reset to a


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Great news.  smile
Sure I like to help you and test it when the beta version becomes available.
Off course I will also do the translation for the Dutch language file.

Hi Slavomir,
Learning something new every day, thanks for the answer. smile
I could have known that this option was available, since I had too translate this text.  big_smile


I know there is a possibility that another type of filter (see post from Slavik about filter No.2) will replace the current one. But nevertheless I want to suggest an improvement for the current filter.

Is it possible to add a button to reset all set filter variables to * (all) in one go.

Now if I have set two or more filters I have to reset them all manually.


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Too bad that the difficult new option of importing data has to wait, but I can fully understand that you take some time for yourself. I have had the same experience with some activities (moderation websites, programming and maintaining data of the amateur soccer leagues). I also cut down some of these things, just to have time for my family and myself.

Age might be a factor, but I guess it is more that after doing things for multiple years as you say the


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I agree both filters at the same time would be confusing.
Giving the user control over what filter he prefers is even better.  smile


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So far I did not miss this function, but it sure is a very good update. I sure can think of situations where I can use such a new function. Immediately tested it to see costs of "groups" of persons and that worked great. smile

In general I would say, yes replace the old filter with the new one, it works good and gives you more options.

For working with the mouse the old filter is easier, since it tries to open as much entries as possible, bigger lists. The new filter is smaller, so you have to scroll more.
Selecting groups, persons, categories, etc. using the keyboard works the same in both filters, so there is no difference.

The old filter has the advantage if you want one filter on "auto" you could select it and you immediately get the results.
With the new filter you have to deselect all (action 1) and as a action 2 select "auto", would be nice that IF all options are checked and you select one option/filter (by clicking on the checkbox, not the name = reposition cursor, that is okay), it would automatically deselect the other options.
When one option/filter is deselected or only one option/filter is set, than clicking on items can behave as now, repositioning the cursor, not selecting anything, unless clicked on the checkbox.


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While explaining the program to a new user she asked me if she could reorder the columns, this because she wanted to have the order like her previous program. She had to change to a new program since the old household cash program did not work with Windows7.

She wanted date, category, subcategory, amount, description, payee, account, person.
Unfortunately I had to tell this can not be done.
or maybe it can in a future edition ?

I am used to this set-up, but also think I would reorder the columns if it would be possible.


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Not only the choice to ask confirmation, also the directory where to create the copy and the number of backup files to be created can be set in the options.

The new 2.2.5 with this update works okay.
Slavomir, thanks for this new release. smile


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Looks good for me. I could not find any bugs while working with this (2.2.4) test version.

Great work again on improving the program, thanks Slavomir.  smile

Slavomir wrote:

Pôvodne som sa chcel pustiť do štatistiky, ale toto bude podľa mňa rýchlejšie, preto som si Import bankových výpisov vybral ako prvé.

Sorry for English, but thanks for giving Import a go. smile


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Thanks also for the quick fix and release of 2.2.1
In general the new 2.2 version is a big improvement.  smile
For me RQMoney is getting the lead over other similar programs.  smile

Hello Slavomir,

Thanks for the new 2.1.1 version. It works good and fast. I am busy comparing several financial programs to see what advantages each program has. After that I will decide what program I continue using. I like RQ Money a lot, that's why I have translated it into Dutch and done some extra testing as well.

But I still miss two important things several other programs do have. They are statistics (reports) and CSV (or other format) data import. I know both things have been discussed in the Slovak part of this messageboard, with thanks to translation software on the web I could translate some of it. But I could not find anything on reporting or import of data over here in the English section, that's why I post these feature requests.

1) The statistics reports.
Although I have to say that, working with your program, I found out that I can get good statistical information using
- the data filters
- the summaries (left panel)
- the chart (right panel)
Although it is no real reporting, with counters, totals, nice headers etc. But for me it works and I can export these data to PDF or Excel. This is for now good enough for me.

2) CSV (or other file format) data import.
After working with your program this is a real disadvantage for RQ Money in comparisation to a number of other programs. I know importing is always difficult, since most banks do have an export, but they do not have additional fields we need for these programs. I think of fields like categorie, subcategorie, person and in many cases even the account names might differ. But still when I could import the data that would save me time since I do not have to enter the date, amount, payee and descriptions. When the names are equal I also could easy import the account names.

In the long run I doubt if I would like to continue entering all information manually. It could be a reason that I will discontinue the usage of RQ Money and use another program for my finances. There are more programs that can import CSV (works best for me ), but others can import QIF or other formats as well.

I hope you can do something with these requests. If needed I do not mind helping you out with background info, doing test work, no problem if it helps improving your great program. I do think your program can be the best of all, it has the potential, that's sure for me.