Topic: Reordering columns

While explaining the program to a new user she asked me if she could reorder the columns, this because she wanted to have the order like her previous program. She had to change to a new program since the old household cash program did not work with Windows7.

She wanted date, category, subcategory, amount, description, payee, account, person.
Unfortunately I had to tell this can not be done.
or maybe it can in a future edition ?

I am used to this set-up, but also think I would reorder the columns if it would be possible.

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Re: Reordering columns

You were right, PeCe. This feature (columns reordering) doesn't work yet. I think too, it could be a very useful function, I plan to implement it in near future. But first of all, I want to (and need to too smile) to change (but a little only) a structure of database. I want to strip a field TYPE from table CATEGORY (all categories will be common for credits and debits) and move it to main table DATA (to transactions). It will be a change in main window, when outgoing transaction will have a sign MINUS before an amount. All SQL queries will be more simplier than now. Deep impact to program, but it helps me in many ranges  (columns reordering, import CSV or QIF, etc). I think it will be time-consuming, but necessary for future of program.
Pece, thank you for all your inspirative thoughts.