Topic: New web site and forum

Greetings to all!

Currently I finished my new web site to the program RQ MONEY. The reason to creating it was the complaint of the foreign users (mostly from Brazil), which hadn't access to the old site I solved this problem with my web hosting provider, but without bigger result.
You can find new (and I hope much modern also) web site of the program on the address I chose payed webhosting, but with more quality.

I plan to stop tu use old webhosting in a year. New site has new disscusion forum, but without old users and old topics (I use the other database type of the forum - SQLite). Perhaps there is possibility to convert old users and topics to the new forum, but I don't know how. smile

So you are welcome to the new web site and forum also. I'd like to welcome old and new users there.
I believe, that the developing of the program not finish yet! Its new web site proves this. I hope, you'll like it...