Topic: Version 2.4.2

Greetings to all!
Today I released RQMONEY testing version 2.4.2 to test it.
Warning: DON'T TEST IT ON YOUR ORIGIN DATABASE (please, use on your copy of your database only!!!)
You can download it from this link.
All bug reports or other feedbacks of strange behavior of this program version are welcome (via e-mail or here on forum).
I also welcome update of translations to your language.

New version 2.4.2 brings

  • little bug corrections

  • new features and improvements

  • new design

I hope you will like it.

Re: Version 2.4.2

Today has been released stable version 2.4.2 .
You can find all news and improvements in this link.

I hope you enjoy the new version. Your feedback or bug reports are always welcome.
If you see an older version 2.4.1 in the download window, press F5 to update the browser window.