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Topic: CodeBooks-Accounts

Hello Slavomir.
First of all, congratulations for your work.
Well, when I insert the "start amounting" with a decimal value, the value is rounded to integer when I get out the field, ie, I insert 2,47 and saves 2,00, could you help me about this? Iam using version 1.3 of RQ Money.
Thanks for now.

Re: CodeBooks-Accounts

thank you for your compliment. Version 1.3 suffers from 2 bugs:

  • one critical error  - if you choose back up to the same folder as is database, this database will be deleted. You have to choose other folder then database folder - the best is use other disk too!!!

  • one appearing error  - if you switch between many applications (eg. RQ Money and internet), it doesn't appear correct decimal numbers. In this case just close RQ Money and start it again.

I suggest you to upgrade to version 2.0 (or just try it).