Topic: Account group

Hi, could you add new filter category 'Account Group' above currency and split the screen Statistics / Account status to two options: '*' and 'Account' - the similar idea like for the Summary X / Category with option '*' and subcategory?
I have quite a lot accounts that are similar and I would expect to see their sums, e.g.:

  • bank accounts: my accounts in 2-3 banks + childs account(s)

  • loans: car, mortgage, credit card, ...

  • savings: several deposits, investment funds, ...

  • cash: in different currencies, sum in system currency

The account groups should be, of cource, definable by user.

Re: Account group

Thank you, slasza, for your another suggestion to improve my program. I know what you mean, but I am afraid, it is not so easy to implement it to the program in near future due many facts:

  • impact to the structure of the database (new table or field Accounts group)

  • too many codes in many forms (main window, list of accounts, account detail, etc)

  • too much other improvements in my ToDo list

  • very very little free time to code

But I am still thinking, that this is a good idea. Users can really use many type of accounts (as you wrote: bank, loan, investment, cash, ...). In my older (previous) version 1.3 there existed this feature (but not used as filter).
Well, I added this idea to the ToDo list (but  I haven't a clue, when to be finished it in program). Thank you.