Topic: Version 2.4.1

I plan to release new stable version 2.4.1 on the November 2016. So far you can download and test beta version ( from this link. Please, be careful, don't use this testing version on your normal database, only on your backup database. One new feature changes the structure of the database...

What you can find in version except a few minor bug fixes? Three new improvements:

    If a user create new transfer (credit and debit at once) in version and then select one of them, the opposite side of the transfer will change the color (to be much more visible). If this opposite transfer is out of the screen (but inside the table), the user can simply find it by pressing key CTRL+J.
    To allow this function on the transfers created before version, the user has to interconnect both sides of the transfer manually first (just select both transactions and press CTRL+J). Both side will be interconnected, so if a user select one of them, the program selects another one by changing the color. Pressing CTRL+J will select the second side of the transfer.

    If a user plans to create a new payment in the scheduler, he was choose in case the day will be public holiday, Saturday or Sunday, to move the payment one day sooner. Now he can move the payment one day sooner or later:

    Currently versions don't allow the change the type, size, color or other attributes in the notes. This version offers basic formatting tools to work with text:

I welcome each bug report (to fix it) of this version. I believe that will be no one bug report - I like the program without errors. Thank you in advance!

Re: Version 2.4.1

After two years I finally released version 2.4.1.
You can find new features above or in the page HISTORY, you can also download it from here.
I believe, that you'll like this new version. All bugreports are welcome.
I wish happy Christmas to all users!