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Topic: Budget

Hello, I love your program. In the section of the budget I miss one tiny improvement. When I set my budget for the next month, I'm marking all the categories that I think are important in my budget. But within a month I have few unexpected expenses. It would be nice, if in the section of budget would be a cetegory called "unexpected" or "other" that would count all the rest (not planned) incomes and expences in budget.

Re: Budget

Hello Zigy,
thank you for your suggestion. It is questionable if the budget must watch "unexpected" incomes and expences. Maybe in case, the user want to watch all categories. But if a user want to watch only a few items (sub/categories), I think he is not interested in rest of budget.

You didn't write, if you want this information:
a) in grid (table) with other items, in chart too, [much difficult for me to implement], or
b) only in the bottom of window (eg. in status bar or some other place) [easier for me to implement].

If you choose a), it is big risk that this value (column in chart) will be such high that other items will be very very small smile
Is variant b) sufficient?

Re: Budget

I thought that this value could be for example in table (just like the sum of expected). Or in somwhere else place. Is shouldn't be of course on the graph. That was just idea, If you don't like it, I understand. I just noticed , that if I want to see all categories in my budget, I't will be much easier to see how much I spend (or earn) beside my plan if I had such information. It Is not convinient to have all categories on the graph, because some of them are zero value (because I don't planned them), so they only unnecesarly are there. What do you think? I repeat, It is only my suggestion. I will still be using your program if you dont like my opinion. smile