Topic: New discussion forum - welcome!

Welcome to the new forum to RQ MONEY!

Due to the forthcoming edition of completely new version of RQ Money 2.0 (releasing date is October 2, 2011), and considering I canceled the original two forums (English and Slovak/Czech), which operated separately. It was created one single forum in which I have a better overview and easier administration. Forum is much modern than previous one, has many improvements:

a) registered members discussion forum can add a picture (called avatar)
b) added the possibility to upload files (such as very practical eg. to bug screenshot),
c) improved the editing of text and citations,
d) there were added some supplements that I will try to use (eg. poll).

I apologize to all those who have had based their user account. I hope that you will be able to re-create a new account. I hope this forum will be visited as little by spam robots, and as much by real users of the program which have interest to improve this program. Thank everyone in advance for their willingness to share their experiences and ideas on this forum.