Topic: Data import (CSV or other formats) and statistics

Hello Slavomir,

Thanks for the new 2.1.1 version. It works good and fast. I am busy comparing several financial programs to see what advantages each program has. After that I will decide what program I continue using. I like RQ Money a lot, that's why I have translated it into Dutch and done some extra testing as well.

But I still miss two important things several other programs do have. They are statistics (reports) and CSV (or other format) data import. I know both things have been discussed in the Slovak part of this messageboard, with thanks to translation software on the web I could translate some of it. But I could not find anything on reporting or import of data over here in the English section, that's why I post these feature requests.

1) The statistics reports.
Although I have to say that, working with your program, I found out that I can get good statistical information using
- the data filters
- the summaries (left panel)
- the chart (right panel)
Although it is no real reporting, with counters, totals, nice headers etc. But for me it works and I can export these data to PDF or Excel. This is for now good enough for me.

2) CSV (or other file format) data import.
After working with your program this is a real disadvantage for RQ Money in comparisation to a number of other programs. I know importing is always difficult, since most banks do have an export, but they do not have additional fields we need for these programs. I think of fields like categorie, subcategorie, person and in many cases even the account names might differ. But still when I could import the data that would save me time since I do not have to enter the date, amount, payee and descriptions. When the names are equal I also could easy import the account names.

In the long run I doubt if I would like to continue entering all information manually. It could be a reason that I will discontinue the usage of RQ Money and use another program for my finances. There are more programs that can import CSV (works best for me ), but others can import QIF or other formats as well.

I hope you can do something with these requests. If needed I do not mind helping you out with background info, doing test work, no problem if it helps improving your great program. I do think your program can be the best of all, it has the potential, that's sure for me.


Dutch translator for several programs, also RQ Money