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I publish here an e-mail from Luis Scena (he agreed with publishing). He surprised me very well, but the content of his e-mail was really amazing. His work is excellent. Read next:

Dear Mr. Slavomir,
I am a business consultant and advise the use of their software to my clients. It is excellent for personal financial control and small businesses.
To simplify my work, I took the liberty to produce and publish a course on Youtube on how to use your software. If you are interested and see, go 
VideoTutorial 1

VideoTutorial 2
VideoTutorial 3
VideoTutorial 4
VideoTutorial 5
VideoTutorial 6
VideoTutorial 7
VideoTutorial 8
VideoTutorial 9

There are 9 videos detailing all operations in Portuguese (I live in Brazil). Published the moment, so have not been showing.
Thank you for your work, continue with perseverance. I have advised my clients to make the suggested donation on your site.

Luis Sciena.

I took a see at some of these videos. They are made really nice! Thank you very much, Luis!!!

Re: RQ Money tutorials on YouTube

I find this program a little kinder than some of the others out there, however your videos on u tube would be nice if it was shown in English as I am assuming they are instructional for the novice user. Nice program.