Topic: Time out in programming

I have started to write my program since 2005 continuously. This activity "eat" a lot of my energy, which I miss in these days (mainly after long winter). Therefore I decided to take "time out" for some period (I don't know how long). I believe, that physical work on my spring garden or currently ice hockey championship in Finland help me to regain strength for next work with program, also zeal to create again.

So I surely don't finish with program, I just need relax and obtain an energy. Could it have been the age? big_smile

Thanx to all for understanding.

Re: Time out in programming

Too bad that the difficult new option of importing data has to wait, but I can fully understand that you take some time for yourself. I have had the same experience with some activities (moderation websites, programming and maintaining data of the amateur soccer leagues). I also cut down some of these things, just to have time for my family and myself.

Age might be a factor, but I guess it is more that after doing things for multiple years as you say the

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Re: Time out in programming

Thank you, Peter, for understanding and encouragement. As I know myself, programming will miss me in a short time. smile

If there be find a bug in a program, I will try to correct it immediately, of course.
Also if somebody needs a License key, I'll send it him with pleasure (if he donated program).