RQ Money



Version 3.9.3 * May 5, 2024

* many minor bug fixes

Version 3.9.2 * April 21, 2024

* many minor bug fixes

Version 3.9.1 * April 13, 2024

* many minor bug fixes

Version 3.9 * April 7, 2024

+ separating subcategories from the categories
+ new report "cross tables"
* all forms size and position bug repair
* import csv file bug repair
* other little bugs repairs
+ On close / backup confirmation dialog
+ On close / optional database encryption
+ Visual / optional red color for buttons DELETE
+ Visual / optional buttons size and visibility in main window
New transaction
+ merging forms ADD and ADD+ into one (user can switch between them)
+ new formulas (* and /) in amount text string
+ use last items in lists (after program restart)
List of categories
+ new kind of the categories (credit, debit, transfer)
+ budgets improvements
* budget - mixed currencies bug repair
SQL zone
+ visual DB scheme in SQLite zone

Version 3.8 * November 25, 2023

* several minor repairs
- analog clock in the Filter panel
+ brand new graphics for higher screen resolution (up to 200%)
Main Screen
+ new report Chronologie (line graphs with option) - Statistics in previous versions
+ pie charts for rows and columns in the Summary panel
Program settings
+ at the start of the program, the possibility to verify the actuality of the program version
+ in the Transaction tab, the option to block the addition / correction / deletion of transactions by date

Version 3.7 * October 17, 2023

* many little and medium bug fixes
+ many little improvements
+ Portuguese (Brazil) translation - translator Douglas Ramos

Version 3.6 * October 8, 2023

* many little bug fixes
+ many little improvements

Version 3.5 * October 1, 2023

* many little bug fixes
Program settings
+ Graphs settings

Version 3.4 * September 24, 2023

* many little bug fixes
+ new report Balance detail

Version 3.3 * September 12, 2023

* many little bug fixes
+ daily payments preview

Version 3.2 * September 3, 2023

* many little bug fixes

Version 3.1 * August 29, 2023

* many little bug fixes
+ graph of accounts summary

Version 3.0 * August 20, 2023

* brand new version, rewritten in programming language Lazarus
* new license (free software - GNU GPLv3 with source code)
* faster alghorytms
* better design
* new functions

Version 2.4.3 * November 24, 2019

* many important bug fixes
+ added the list of currencies to the filter
+ detail view of daily scheduled payments

version 2.4.2 * October 31, 2019

* many little bugfixes and improvements
+ database integrity check (before index corruption)
+ overall redesign of all windows
Main window
+ new list External links
+ ability to block the addition, correction, and deletion of transactions older than a specified date
+ option to set lists to automatically expand when you get focus in the New Transaction window
        + ability to set up a search for an item in the list by typing in the New Transaction window
* an improved list of scheduled payments with the ability to correct the listing dates
Record of scheduled payments
* ability to edit all fields when enrolling scheduled payments
+ import bank statements in OFX format

version 2.4.1 * December 25, 2016

* many little bugfixes and improvements
Main window
+ automaticaly interconnection of new transfers
+ manualy interconnection of the older transfers
+ easy finding the opposite transfer (if it is interconnected)
+ text formatting (font type, size, color, etc.)
+ scheduling the payment for the day after (if the payment falls to the saturday, sunday or public holiday)

version 2.4.0 * December 31, 2014

* minor bugs corrections and little improvements
+ full UTF8 support
+ encoding entire database on close (not to readable in common SQLite editors)
Main window
* correction of the multiple payee filter
+ transactions history (date and time of new created and last modified transactions)
+ possiblity to set the first day in the week (Sunday or Monday)
Add / Edit transactions window
+ possibility to change transaction (credit or debit) to the multiple transaction
Notes list
+ possibility to edit the name of the notes in the list of the Notes

version 2.3.2 * April 27, 2014

+ new type of account - passive. Instead of active (where all accounts and their transactions are shown) and archive types (all are hidden), this third type is something between them (accounts and their transactions are somewhere shown and somewhere hidden).
+ automatic width of items in dropdowned comboboxes
* minor bug corrections and improvements
Main window
+ possibility of multiple choice of items in filter

version 2.3.1 * March 2, 2014

+ new module Import of bank statements (CSV format)
* minor bug corrections and improvements
Main window
* new set of icons (24px and 32 px)
* improved info pane in the bottom part
* improved main menu
+ possibility to vertical or horizontal arrange the pane Summary and Chart
+ button for turning off all filters at once (on the FILTER caption)
* view correction of transaction (transfer)

version 2.3.0 * April 7, 2013

New transaction
* correction of amount with thousand separator on splitting categories
Big chart
* correction of column and bar chart (did not appear minus values)
Main window
* correction of filter (type of transactions)
+ new set of icons in menu and in tool-bar (16px)
+ in modules Statistics ans SummaryX added possibility to copy tables to clipboard
Program Settings
+ 3 new sets of category symbols
List of notes
- cancelled limitation of length (10 characters) in note caption
+ added possibility to copy selected notes to clipboard
List of categories
+ added tree view of categories and subcategories

version 2.2.9 * March 4, 2013

New transaction
* correction of window on DPI resolution changing
* correction of list of categories on splitting categories
* correction of field Descriptions (case sensitive after Tab or Enter)
Module Summary X
* correction of sorting by payee
+ possibility to sort all table columns (by clicking on header)
+ possibility to show chart of balance (self stacked chart)
+ possibility to copy or print this chart
Main window
+ added 4. pie chart for summary credits, debits or transfers

version 2.2.8 * February 10, 2013

Main window
* summary correction (all SUM functions replaced by TOTAL in SQLite queries)
* there still appears in summary table a caption "CATEGORIES", while rows contained eg. persons
* chart correction on click (bigger chart doesn't recognized settings of Statistics)
* three panes on saving bug correction
* correction of disappearing of vertical tabs caption (on Windows XP)
+ balance appears in summary table after rows selecting
+ new module "Summary X" with Export option (PDF, XLS, CSV)
+ new form interface with details of header and payments list
Scheduler - new entry
+ possibility to move on fields by Enter and Tab
New record
+ possibility to split transactions (if there are many categories on one bill)
+ possibility to move on fields by Enter and Tab

version 2.2.7 * December 25, 2012

Entire program:
* corrected bug in scheduler (showing scheduled transfers)
* corrected bug on file update (from version 1.3 to 2.x)
+ add possibility in PDF export to join summary table and chart to the end of printing report
Main window:
* improved colours of negative amounts on black background

version 2.2.6 * November 25, 2012

Entire program:
+ Manual as a part of program (in folder HELP)
+ Added Polish language (author Zygmunt)
* corrected bug on copying a budget
* corrected bug on showing plan data in budget
+ possibility to delete multiple budgets at once
* corrected bug on adding new scheduled transfers

version 2.2.5 * November 04, 2012

Entire program:
+ possibility to run program with parameter (database name) -
eg. D:\RQMONEY\rqmoney.exe E:\DATA\file.rqm
(= possibility to run program by mouse double click on database - if there is associated file RQMONEY.EXE with RQM extension)
+ adding actual date to printing report PDF
+ confirm backup before closing database
+ possibility to set count of backuped files for 1 database (max. 20)
+ possibility to set the same colours for transfers as credits (blue) or debits (red)
List of notes:
+ possibility to delete multiple notes at once
List of descriptions:
+ possibility to delete multiple descriptions at once

version 2.2.4 * October 14, 2012

Entire program:
+ added module Statistics
* corrected some minor bugs
Export to PDF:
* corrected header of print report

version 2.2.3 * August 19, 2012

Entire program:
* repaired minor bugs
+ added Italian language (author Enrico Enzo Grosso)
Program settings:
+ added chart settings
List of public holidays:
+ possibility to delete many records at once

version 2.2.2 * July 12, 2012

Program settings:
* repaired backup of database (for users with License key)

version 2.2.1 * July 9, 2012

Program settings:
* repaired backup of database (for all users)

version 2.2.0 * July 8, 2012

Entire program:
* repaired many bugs
+ added Dutch language (author Peter Tak)
Main window:
+ new charts (include pie)
+ possibility to select many rows in Summary table (+ show rows summary)
+ new function Mass edit of transactions (in main menu, for users with License key only!)
+ show date in left bottom pane
+ double click to summary row selects corresponding transactions
New record:
+ if a user adds new record to code-book, this will appear automatically in combobox of new record
+ quite new rearrangement of all components, saving in INI file
+ overview of date and number formats

version 2.1.0 * December 18, 2011

Entire program:
* repaired many little bugs
+ added German language (thanx to Chris)
+ added option "If opened file doesn't exist, search in main folder"
Transaction detail:
+ To help with data entry have added division and multiplication capability to the transaction Amount field.
* Changed the appearance of the calendar window and added some options for its display,
+ Future transactions that are entered manually show with a pink row background
* Scheduler has more editing capabilities and can now write individual transactions when required.

version 2.0.8 * October 30, 2011

Entire program:
* repaired many many bugs
+ added languages Polish, Italian, Portuguese-Br, Portuguese-Pt and Spanish
Main window:
+ Export transactions to PDF, CSV, XLS
+ Export summary to PDF, CSV, XLS
+ Export budget to PDF, CSV, XLS
+ Checkbox "show message on start about non existing scheduled payments"
+ Checkbox "show text in buttons"

version 2.0 * October 2, 2011

There were released QUITE NEW version RQ Money after over two years... Its source code was completely rewritten in programming language Delphi. Count of downloads of version 1.3 from authors web only in this time exceeds 43 000!!!

Entire program:
+ Added field PAYEE (payment partner)
+ Added list of PUBLIC HOLIDAYS (for new scheduled payments)
+ Possibility to write persons, accounts, categories, subcategories and payees in lower-case
+ There is shown Guide for beginners after database creation.
+ Automatic check of new version
* Changed menu (much logical collocation)
* Changed printing report from TXT format to PDF (better graphics, fonts option variety)
* Changed pie chart to bar chart (due to simpler handling, maybe pie chart will be added later)
* Faster selecting of all records (transactions)
Main window:
+ Summary table about accounts status
+ Info about time needed to read and show all filtered transactions
+ Possibility to copy one record (transaction)
List of accounts:
+ Possibility to set account as archive (it doesn't appear in main window and other forms)
Fixed payments:
* Changed the caption to Scheduler
+ Added reminder of scheduled payments (even if program was not running in previous days)
+ Added Calendar of scheduled payments (in monthly preview)
+ Possibility to add, edit or delete generated scheduled payments

version 1.3 * April 5, 2009

Code-book of categories
* Char / (slash) in the name of subcategory made crash in program on save a new record
Entire program
* Bug repair - saving filters and back-up of database on database close (or on program exit), if there weren't path to back-up
* Program crashed on handling amount bigger then integer (2 147 483 647), variable changed to type double (1,7308)

version 1.2 * November 02, 2008

entire programme
+ guide (wizard) on new file creating
* repaired wrong window appearance on ALT+TAB switching
main window:
+ possibility to select all records at once (short-cut CTRL+A)
* repaired text (of months) in chart
fixed payments
+ possibility to evidence transfers too
+ possibility to use optional formula in amount, eg. 123,4*5-678/9
+ possibility to sort records by optional column
+ possibility to back-up your file on programme close to optional folder
+ redesigned all window with tabs
+ possibility to save used filter on programme close
+ possibility to set font in main grids
code-book of currencies
+ possibility to delete many currencies at once (eg. not used)
new record
+ possibility to use optional formula in amount, eg. 123,4*5-678/9
+ possibility to automatic opening window after record saving
* repaired summary of account (when the period or account was changed)
language, about programme
+ redesigned all window
password (on file open)
+ added safety numeric keyboard
+ redesigned all window (with showing another info about file)
SQLite zone:
+ when you choose one of 5 default SQL commands, there appears its description

version 1.1 * July 31, 2008

entire programme
+ automatic width of combobox items (if text is widther then combobox) in all forms
+ thousand separator and decimal separator from windows system
+ Turkish translation (author: neutralizer)
+ Germany translation (author: anonymous)
+ French translation (author didier bourre)
+ opening last used database from usb key on other computer (if programme doesn't find a path to file)
+ graphical salute if chart is empty
* bug correction on file opening
* first searching in entire database + direct searching after pressing enter
* export correction
* correction of printing report
* optimization of code in gradients drawing
* other little bug corrections and improvements
main form
* optimization of records reading to listview
+ added new filter currency
- deleted property active or passive account (temporary)
* faster records reading into main grid
+ automatically remembering size of window + hight of (chart) splitter
+ popup menu for period (use right mouse button click on list)
+ possibility to copy existing budget to new month
form statistics
+ automatically remembering size of window + hight of (chart) splitter
cash counter
+ remembering last choosed currency
* input correction

version 1.0 * March 15, 2008

entire programme
(+) added icons (symbols) in comboboxes and listboxes,
(+) new window cash counter (serves for cash counting),
(+) added new language files (Chinese-traditional, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish),
(*) summary of selected rows (bug on value < 0),
(*) summary of founded records + chart,
(*) better control of duplicity of new records in code-books,
(*) other little improvements and bug corrections.
main window
(+) summary of active and passive accounts (via filter),
(+) possible vertical resizing of chart,
(+) when user switch a period (from interval to fixed), all data are updated.
new/edit record
(+) alternative to write an amount by enumeration (eg. 25.3+17,8-14) - allowed operations plus and minus only!
(*) when user changed credit/debit to transfer, original record was not deleted. budget
(+) on window open there is automatically shown last existing period,
(+) simpler input of amount (just type numbers in selected row from numeric or normal keyboard),
(+) possible vertical resizing of chart,
(*) enumeration of credits/debits in last row (summary),
(*) all budgets (plans) are shown together with real values.
code-book of accounts
+ added code-book of currencies,
+ possibility select each of account as active or passive
(+) quite reworked from daily and yearly assets (new possibilities of grouping and displaying),
(+) possible vertical resizing of chart,
(*) reading list of categories,
(*) start of period of account (when filter of category or person is on, value is 0).
(+) new design, unlimited date, handling by keys.
about + password
(+) new design, simpler text
cash counter
(+) simpler input of count (just type numbers in selected row from numeric or normal keyboard),
(+) possibility to print your cash.
(+) added a code-book of currencies.
sqlite zone
(+) possibility to change word transfer in category (use 4. command from list - just replace word transfer to your own).

version 0.9 * August 31, 2007

(+) if you choose fixed payment, you can change day or amount
(+) on print you can choose template
(+) in settings possibility to change background colour (skin)
(+) in properties you can show appropriate records to each table (code-book)
(+) possibility to resize chart height in main window and in daily assets
(+) language pack brazilian_portuguese (author afrânio brenelli)
(+) language pack polish (author konrad chmielewski)
(-) table structure from sqlite zone
(*) help running (choice of help from English and Slovak)
(*) reading leap day in leap year
(*) writing char ' in record (in account and subcategory)
(*) print of budget (wrong column width)
(*) better memory optimization (lower ram consumption)
(*) in record editing, if was new category added, the record didn't write,
(*) better control of non existing day writing (eg. 31. april)
(*) other little repairs and improvements.

version 0.8 * July 1, 2007

(+) possibility to use national chars in the file name and path with the newest library sqlite3.dll
(+) new code-book descriptions for saving repeating descriptions to records,
(+) new asset budget (monthly comparison of calculation and reality)
(+) allocation of language files from main exe file (possibility of own localization by users)
(+) allocation of tool's icon from main exe file (possibility of own tool's icon)
(+) used triggers on account deleting (automatic deleting of accounts in main database, in fixed payments)
(+) used triggers on subcategory deleting (automatic deleting of subcategories in main database, in fixed payments, in budget)
(+) in status bar appears summary of many selected rows
(+) pop-up menu in notes (activate by right mouse button click)
(+) main programme icon
(*) unification of short-cuts in main menu and in form record (f3...f12)
(*) in main listview header new arrows up and down (instead of text "\/" and "/\")
(*) there can be null value in amount of record,
(*) repair of one record only by transfer (possibly e.g. different date)
(*) text in calender (there appears 'account' instead of 'year')
(*) chart by filter month = "#" and move = "debit" or "transfer"
(*) other little bug repairs.

version 0.7 * April 22, 2007

(+) function for saving actual position of windows and main columns width in settings
(+) chart showing credits, debits and transfers in yearly assets (for each year)
(+) possibility change language any times after program starts
(*) summary correction.

version 0.6 * April 15, 2007

(+) fixed payments automatically shows on program start
(+) choice hide/show tool-bar in settings
(*) bug on new record writing, if category and subcategory has similar text
(*) bug on summary (only on west number format like 25,645.00)
(*) other little bugs corrections and improvements

version 0.5 * April 06, 2007

main window
(+) column account (on screen width >= 800 pixels only)
(+) item transfer
(+) tool panel with icons for speed run
(+) print of summary data (right button click on summary table)
(-) join three types of charts into one (without possibility of choice)
(-) chart printing (can copy to other programme and then print)
(*) wrong calculate of beginning status by turned filter account on
(*) full-ring chart remaked to wheel
adding/editing record window
(+) function transfer from one account to another (will create two records with own icons)
(+) select item of adding/editing record by enter numeric code (id from code-books)
properties of programme window
(+) checkbox account on print and export of records
(+) turn on/off messages on adding/editing records and exit programme
(+) turn on/off light background of chart in main window
code-book of subcategories
(+) choice of multiple conversion of subcategory to transfer
(+) sqlite zone (with possibilities of own data select and optional change of data in database)
(-) message on start of month about zero count of records
(*) corrections and improvements (translation to Czech language, optimization of code and other) from [w]arrianta
(*) repaired daily assets and completely remaked yearly assets
(*) new graphic design of all editable windows
(*) all captions and messages with lower-case in all programme
(*) upgrade help (in Slovak)

version 0.4 * January 13, 2007

(+) records sorting ascending (char /\) and descending (char \/) by clicking on column header
(+) on export choice of fields, fields separator and decimal separator
(+) on print choice of fields and its length (automatically saving)
(+) input date into new/editing record from calender
(+) items start and end of period in main window
(+) credits and debits with different colours on adding/editing fixed payment on item sub/categories
(-) records sorting in settings panel
(*) bug filter repair on creating new or opening existing file
(*) bug filter repair on adding / editing / deleting records
(*) other little bugs repair (summary in daily report, Czech and English translation)

version 0.3 * December 17, 2006

(+) (half)automation of fixed payments in month (new code-book)
(+) enlarged filter of period (from-to)
(+) display daily asset in optional period
(+) double-click to month in summary (by month filter #) selects relevant rows
(+) menu homepage in help
(-) sound (gong) after key enter in forms
(*) filter repair (if all filters except person were in *, the error message appeared)
(*) other little bugs repair (Czech translation, wrong row count in status bar, freezing application after switching to other programme)

version 0.2 * May 27, 2006

(+) char * into account filter (possibility all accounts reading)
(+) in setting to check remembering last database (after programme start it automatically opens)
(+) other currencies into code-book of accounts
(-) degrees count of confirm messages
(*) wrong summary of credits and debits by west number format
(*) if separator of thousand was not space, but point or comma)
(*) alphabetically ordering of persons in code-book
(*) printing via notepad.exe
(*) other little bugs repair (English translation, negative number in three-coloured chart, ...)

version 0.1 * May 1, 2006

there were released first version of programme after about one year of programming.

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